The No Bullsh!t Guide to Mobile Attribution

How to wade through the jargon and find the right provider

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Today as a mobile marketer, the question is no longer if you are going to invest in mobile attribution, but how to choose the right provider for your business? This is no easy task. Legacy mobile attribution providers built their products and defined this market with zero differentiation, marketing jargon-filled features lists riddled with claims of "proprietary technology" and "industry firsts", and a race to the bottom to be the cheapest solution out there.

That's why we decided to write this "no bullsh!t" guide.

This guide breaks down some of the key features and tools offered by attribution providers, both legacy and new-to-the-scene. We've organized this criteria into the following seven categories:

  • 01 Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP)
  • 02 Data combining
  • 03 Granularity
  • 04 Reporting
  • 05 Fraud prevention
  • 06 Data retention & accessibility
  • 07 Pricing